Clear Sky Capital Inc

Recent Purchases of Clear Sky Capital, Inc., in Phoenix, AZ

About Clear Sky Capital Inc

From its headquarters in Phoenix, Arizona, private equity firm Clear Sky Capital Inc. offers strategic investments in real estate properties throughout the region. Using its intricate understanding of local markets, the company identifies underserved and distressed properties and applies a deep knowledge of real estate fundamentals and business trends to acquire locations that will provide its investors with long-term returns. Concentrating on value-added and opportunistic investing, Clear Sky Capital Inc. buys multifamily developments that are near employment, transportation, and other amenities.

Before purchasing a property, the company maps out an asset management plan. After acquisition, the firm in acts the management plan. This may include construction management, and often performing carefully budgeted renovations that improve the quality of life for residents and the surrounding community.

In addition to property repositions, the firm may use strategic finance models such as mortgage defeasance, equity injections, or loan modifications for acquisition targets.

Over the past several years, Clear Sky Capital has added to its portfolio with some notable acquisitions. In 2011, it purchased the 125-unit Mission Palm Apartments in Phoenix for $6.25 million. Also that year, the investment company spent $7.5 million on the Orion at Heritage Square Apartments. Located 25 minutes from downtown Phoenix, the property comprises a mix of 120 one- and two- bedroom apartments along with two pools, and a fitness center. In February 2013, Clear Sky obtained the 2.4-acre, 68-unit Country Club Greens in Mesa for $4 million.

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