SBIR Grant Application Phase III:

Abstract: The growing biotechnology sector in Cleveland, OH has seen the birth of numerous companies dispersed throughout Cleveland, utilizing a variety of technologies and addressing a diverse array of questions. Despite these differences, we hypothesize that a common social attitude exists among these company’s employees. Here, we further test that all employees will enjoy drinking and socializing with their cohort.

Methods: On Thursday, November 1 at 4:30 PM we will induce a gathering of Cleveland’s biotech sector for drinks at a special “underground” happy hour at La Cave du Vin on Coventry-opening 30 minutes early for this event.

Results: Density and free energy of socialization will be evaluated using Bigby’s Test for Sociality and a proprietary statistical package called EtOH.

Authors: Thom Hattier, Thermalin Diabetes; Nick Kaye, Pathfinder Biotech; Tim Miller, SironRX Therapeutics.

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