Thursday, May 28th  
6pm - 9pm
St. John's Church - Station Hope in Hingetown
2600 Church Ave
Cleveland, OH 44113

How It Works:

- Everyone gives a donation at the door ($20 suggested but give what you can - cash preferred but we'll also have a Square for credit cards!)

- Everyone is invited to bring a small dish to share, on top of a base of soup or other simple dinner food  that we'll provide

- People submit proposals (1 week in advance) for community projects in Cleveland that they would like funded (probably about $1500 depending on # of attendees - anything from filling a pothole to starting a business), and we will pick about 5 projects to present at the dinner- Selected people/projects will have 4 minutes each to pitch their project during the dinner

- Attendees vote anonymously during dinner on the project they think will most benefit Cleveland

- The entry donations are given to the winning project!

- Winning people/projects report back during subsequent dinners

Ready to participate? Excellent! Our schedule will be:

6pm arrival

7pm project pitches

8pm dinner and voting!

Please RSVP to if you're able to join and let us know if there is a dish you're planning to bring. If you'd like to support the winning project but can't attend, you can also donate through Square at:

How to Pitch a Project:

If you're interested in pitching a project for the next Cleveland SOUP, please email with "Cleveland SOUP Pitch" in the subject line by Thursday, May 21st

Below are four questions to briefly answer in your email if you have a project you'd like funded:

1. What is your project? Please be as specific and tangible as possible!

2. How does this project benefit the Cleveland community?

3. How will you use money raised from SOUP? Again, please be as specific as you can be with tangible purchases you'd be able to make if you won.

4. What is your time frame for the project and how could you report progress/completion at a future SOUP dinner?

Also: read about our first Cleveland SOUP in Freshwater Cleveland here!

CLEVELAND SOUP is part of SOUP - a dinner party and micro-grants program. If you are interested in the Society of Urban Professionals, visit