Cleveland State Internships.

How do you get one?

Best places to look for internships
at Cleveland State

  • Individual college bulliten boards- each school/ department has a bulletin board usually per major. Keep updated on the bulletin board postings by routinely walking through the department.
  • NEOInternA free platform for employers and students in NEO. Take some time to create a profile- it's worth it.
  • Talk to your professors and tell them you're looking- they are there to help you, and usually are always willing to help you in your job hunt
  • Student and professional organizations- joining these opens the door for possibilities you wouldn't know existed otherwise
  • Attend career building workshops and career fairs- it never hurts to know a few more people, and Cleveland State is awesome about keeping up to date with career possibilities
  • Friends and family-everyone knows someone working somewhere...
  • LinkedIn- Create a LinkedIn page to connect with fellow classmates, professors, and internship providers to keep in contact for new career possibilities

Looking for an intern from Cleveland State?
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