Rebuild and Traffic Flow Updates

Campus Rebuild Update


September, 2015

Morganti Construction failed to meet our demands to complete the structural repairs at Krueger Fieldhouse, so we were forced to engage Durotech to complete the repairs. Durotech swept into action and were able to coordinate and make the repairs very quickly. Krueger Field House opened as scheduled in mid-September following the structural repairs and the campus was able to move in and begin unrestricted use of the facility. Cosmetic repairs to the ceilings and other surfaces are scheduled for over Thanksgiving Break. The cost of the work completed to date is approximately $225,000 and we have utilized owner’s contingency to fund the work. Once we know the total cost (including the cosmetic repairs) we will request a change order (funded out of the Capital Plan) to replenish owner’s contingency. We will then demand reimbursement of all costs from Morganti Construction.

Construction of Phase 1 of the new high school continues to progress. The building has most exterior sheathing installed (purple in pictures), the brick work is following along in each area and temporary coverings at the windows have been installed. The main fire pipe, HVAC pipe, water pipe and electrical conduits are in process at the main corridor and branch work for the systems is continuing as walls in these areas are being completed. Main HVAC ductwork is installed in over half of the building. The metal studs have been installed in about half of the second floor and drywall has begun in areas that are dried-in (where the exterior sheathing and temporary windows have been installed). The first floor wall studs are getting installed in as many locations possible where they are not in the way of the heavy equipment that still needs to travel throughout the building. The softball and football press boxes are taking shape as well as the softball dugout and cages. Changes to the baseball backstop are getting priced (similar to the Brook issue) so that the additional work can get scheduled. We expect that this additional scope of work can be funded within existing contingencies, but we will know more once pricing is received from Durotech. The large back parking lot (future student lot) is complete and all contractor storage containers and parking has been moved there to prepare for the construction of the new front parking lot. All deliveries for the kitchen and dumpster have also been moved to the new parking lot.

Tours this month included maintenance-(plumbing, HVAC, and fire sprinkler) and Fine Arts Administrators as the equipment is beginning to be installed for the building utilities and the spaces are more defined in various areas of the building. The color committee is still working on “super graphic” decisions and will meet again once we have narrowed down their options. There has also been planning meetings to get ready for moves this summer as well as planning for campus classroom locations for Phase 2. Concerns related to serving lunches at the 9th Grade campus only in Phase 2 has required additional consideration. We are looking into options that are available at the main campus to avoid the distance and time issues. Some phasing changes have been made to better serve the schedule and campus needs including starting additions adjacent the weight room and shops and reviewing construction areas for Phase 2. We are also looking at work that can take place in areas of the building that will be demolished and are not currently assigned classes.

Phase 1 is on schedule for an early Summer 2016 completion and move-in.

August, 2015

During inspections related to our rebuild work at Krueger Field House, irregularities in the original construction of the back of the field house caused us to close down all access for safety reasons until the existing conditions could be evaluated. We contacted the original design and construction teams and had shoring installed to compensate for the structural issues that were discovered. Our engineers have determined the solution for correcting the issue and the details have been provided to Morganti Construction. Once we have a clearer understanding on the impact the corrections will have on the use of the building, we will coordinate any shutdowns with completion of the gym floors that are were flooded at the main campus. We were able to complete work in the 9th grade center gyms early in an effort to provide the campus with gyms for use while the repairs are made to the flooded gyms. The connection of the new phase one building to Krueger Fieldhouse has been completed and a tunnel at the front lobby will be complete prior to the first day of school so the gym can be used for spectator attended events.

The crane is being demobilized as all major structural steel for Phase 1 has been erected. Roof and mezzanine decks are in place for a majority of phase one of the new campus. Roofing is also in place for approximately half of the new building. Concrete block walls are being completed in the Fine Arts areas and major HVAC and Plumbing rough-ins area being completed in the fine arts area. The auditorium underground work is completed and soon the sloped slab areas will be installed. The exterior studs and sheathing is beginning to be installed in several areas. The building is starting to take shape and the new courtyard is beginning to be better defined. The front of the building is taking shape as well, as the steel for the windows and other openings begins to be installed. The driveway between Krueger and the temporary walk way has been completed for Phase 1 as has a major portion of the new student parking lot. The remaining existing parking lots in the construction area along Bay Area will be removed in the next few weeks in preparation for the installation of the new front parking lot.

Due to construction being so close to the sidewalk on Krueger Way, campus pedestrian and golf cart traffic will be relocated to the other side of Krueger. Crossing guards have been added to help with pedestrian traffic which will improve safety of pedestrian routes. All other routes of parents, buses and parking will remain the same as last years. After discussions with Transportation and campus staff regarding relocation of the SPED drop off from the front of the campus to the new driveway in the back of the campus, it was determined that the issues created outweighed the benefits. As a result, the campus decided to continue to use the front lot for SPED buses. We are still in a summer 2016 completion date for Phase 1.

July, 2015

We received more than 8.5 inches of rain, but it has not been to the intensity of the previous storms which flooded the existing building in May. The erection of steel is complete from close to Krueger (connection has not been made) through the area of the new main entry/administration area. Joists and decking are being installed in the Fine Arts areas and Phase 1 CTE areas. Above ground plumbing has begun in the restroom

areas close to the Fine Arts area. The central plant addition has been 􀏐ire proofed and piping of the equipment is underway. Concrete block wall construction and the installation of the roof is in process. Parking and driveway paving are progressing and will be used for contractor parking/laydown for the duration of Phase 1. Work will continue in the interior lobby now that the existing front structure at Krueger has been removed. The campus can use the gym at Krueger but the lobby will continue to be closed for construction through the end of summer. At the 9th Grade Center, the domestic water pipe replacement has begun along with the installation of the roof-top units and ductwork in the gyms. The HVAC is also being upgraded in the ROTC and Dance areas to accommodate the future temporary CTE classes that will be housed in these spaces during Phase 2 of the project.

June, 2015

The area of the Clear Lake High School campus has received more than 8.5 inches of rain in June, but it has not been to the intensity of the previous storms which flooded the existing building in May. There was a small tornado reported over the construction area earlier this month that did displace several loose items on the jobsite but there was no reported damage or injuries. The erection of steel is complete from close to Krueger (connection has not been made) through the area of the new main entry/administration area. Joists and decking are being installed in the Fine Arts areas and Phase 1 CTE areas. Above ground plumbing work has begun in the restroom areas close to the Fine Arts area. The central plant addition has been fire proofed and piping of the equipment is underway. Concrete block wall construction and the installation of the roof is in process. Parking and driveway paving are progressing and will be used for contractor parking/laydown for the duration of Phase 1. The work at Krueger that was scheduled for June is nearing completion. Issues encountered with painting has extended the closure of the gym area. Work will continue in the interior lobby now that the existing front structure at Krueger has been removed. The campus can use the gym at Krueger but the lobby will continue to be closed for construction through the end of summer.

At the 9th Grade Center, the domestic water pipe replacement has begun along with the installation of the roof-top units and ductwork in the gymsThe HVAC is also being upgraded in the ROTC and Dance areas to accommodate the future temporary CTE classes that will be housed in these spaces during Phase 2 of the project

May, 2015

The existing storm drainage system was unable to manage the nine inches of rain that the site received on May 13, however the new storm drainage appeared to be working as designed. Durotech personnel and Project Manager Lisa Lake helped to remove water from the floors and assisted campus and maintenance staff to ensure that the corridors and classrooms were safe for students and staff. The loss of both gym floors will impact construction as Krueger Field House will be down for most of the summer. The main exits at Kreuger will be in a construction area as crews create tie-ins to the building and create safe egress routes during future construction. Also affecting the availability of gyms is the significant HVAC work scheduled for the 9th Grade Center gyms which has been delayed until after graduation to allow the campus to have more than one gym.

Construction crews installing the last group of phase 1 foundation damaged a 4 ½" gas line which caused the evacuation of the campus. HVAC systems were shut down to prevent additional gas being brought in from the fresh air intakes and temporary student walkways were shut down due to their proximity to the gas leak. Students and staff were immediately moved from adjacent interior areas and the entire campus was evacuated as soon as the best evacuation location was determined. Centerpoint was unable to find their documentation of the location of the shut off valve, but District plumbers were able to locate it and the gas was shut off. Fire department crews walked the building with methane detectors, determined that the building was safe and gave the "all clear" for the return of students.

Steel erection is under way and the phase one portion of the new building is beginning to take shape. Installation of the roof decking at the new central plant is in process and installation at the auditorium will begin soon. The lightweight concrete deck will begin to be poured by end of the month as portions of the metal deck are completed. As building utilities below the slab are completed, installation of the slab is continuing in the remaining areas of Fine Arts. The new administration and library grade beams are being installed and completion of the piers were delayed by the rain. The paving of the main student parking lot that has been delayed due weather is anticipated begin soon and we expect to complete over half of the lot by the end of the month. Phase one should be completed by May 2016.

March, 2015

The contractor has made progress on the building foundation. With the completion of the drilled piers, the installation of grade beams and interior underground utilities are in process. Installation will begin of the building slab which will be followed by steel erection. There has also been significant progress on the new student parking lot and driveways. Rebar will be installed and concrete can be scheduled. This parking lot will provide parking relief for construction vehicles and equipment, which is currently very limited onsite. Underground electrical, sanitary sewer lines, water lines and storm sewer lines have been installed at the drive in front of the baseball field. This drive will be used for special education buses when completed. Land clearing in the back of the site continues and utilities are being installed in the softball and practice field areas.

February, 2015

The construction contractor has done its best to take advantage of the recent weather and has worked double shifts this month to get back on track. The site utilities for phase 1 (outside the perimeter of the building) are approximately 75 percent complete and the building pad is almost complete. The drilled piers for the phase 1 portion of the new campus are complete as well. Site clearing and grading work has begun at the new softball field, staff parking lot and the drive way at the rear of the new campus. Good communication between the campus and construction teams continues to minimize interruptions, especially considering that construction work now extends to all sides of the main campus except the front parking lot.

Preliminary color selection meetings have occurred between Facilities and the design team and we will meet with the newly formed color selection committee after the color samples and questions from that initial meeting have been resolved. Facilities is also working with campus staff, purchasing staff and the supplier to develop lists of furniture and equipment needs for phase 1.

January, 2015

Construction was slowed over the break by the amount of consistent rain. Crews are working on plans to keep the building pad and piers on track. The large underground electrical duct bank is being installed adjacent to Kruger Field House. Large sanitary lines are being installed from the corner of Bay Area Blvd/Krueger and are extending along the site parallel to the service yard and building. Color samples have been submitted and Facilities staff is working with campus and maintenance personnel to establish a color selection committee. The contracted security officers began working shifts and have helped to create a more secure environment and have alleviated some of the traffic issues that were experienced in the fall. The construction team has been reviewing the effects of the permitting delays on construction schedules and has been coordinating with campus staff to identify conflicts with campus activities based upon the updated construction schedule.


December, 2014

Clear Creek ISD will provide additional campus and parking lot security beginning Monday, December 14th. A security guard will monitor the student parking lot beginning at 5:30 am. Additional traffic monitoring will be provided in the Red Lot before school. One-way traffic will be enforced and cars will not be permitted to enter the Red Lot at the exit between 6:30 am and 7:30 am.

Two additional security guards will be stationed on the student walkway to ensure students are safe and separated from construction workers at all times. Fortunately, we have had no security concerns on the student walkway this semester and we appreciate the proactive measures CCISD is taking to ensure the continued safety of our students as construction intensifies.  

The building permit has been approved by City of Houston. This allows the team to review and adjust schedules to determine the extent of the impact of the permitting delay on phasing and the completion dates of the three phases of construction. We anticipate a summer closure of Krueger Fieldhouse for the month of June to accommodate structural work that is needed to both tie in Phase 1 to the front of Krueger and to get utilities services over and around to the new building. With the issuance of all permits, construction activities will ramp up considerably over the next month. The Phase 1 building pad installation is in process and the foundation layout process will begin over the break. Pier drilling will begin in early January. The clearing of some of the trees along the bayou has begun and demolition of the drive that routes behind the tennis courts is being removed.

November, 2014

Lighting has been installed to better illuminate the walking pathway between the Temporary Student Parking Lot and the Falcon Walkway. With the first substantial rain since building the walkway, some drainage issues were identified and efficiently addressed by the contractor. The contractors are still looking at student parking lot rain concerns.  

The temporary walkways and parking lot have been completed. The campus has used the last few weeks to adjust to the new traffic and walkway patterns. Restrictions in the traffic flow were addressed by widening the walking area that crosses through the construction area. Additional lighting was installed to address low light levels between the temporary parking lot and CL9th building.

Durotech has completed the majority of the demolition for the Phase 1 area. CCISD received a site and civil permit on November 6, 2014. We can now install the underground utilities and items related to the site work and drainage. We hope to receive the building permit in mid-November

October, 2014

We have worked with PBK and Durotech to resolve the open items that are delaying both the Site/Civil permit and the Building Permit for the project. During the October Clear Lake Water Authority meeting, the CLWA Board agreed to hold a special meeting for the approval once they receive information that the project was approved by their hydrology consultant. In addition, their staff and consultants met with PBK and District staff to review resubmissions and walk through the project to narrow the requirements for approval. All parties are hopeful that the items can be resolved. CLWA will need a 72hour notice prior to holding their special meeting.

Construction on the campus has been limited to the temporary facilities, temporary utilities and the temporary parking lot. The temporary parking lot and walkways are nearing completion. October 22 is the projected date to turn over the area of Phase 1 construction to Durotech to prepare the area in anticipation of the receipt of the site/civil permit. This will encompass all of the parking lots that are accessed from Krueger Way as well as the areas between the back of the main building and the baseball field. Parking, walkways and car routes have been reviewed by campus staff and we will analyze the effectiveness of the routes and parking for the first few days to determine whether any adjustments are required. Once we have the final permits from City of Houston we will be able to better see the effects of thepermit delay.

After receiving valuable feedback from students, parents, and teachers, we have made some important adjustments to address commuting issues between the Ninth Grade Center and the Main Building. The modifications outlined below will be implemented Monday morning. We will continue to monitor student transitions between classes carefully and quickly make improvements as needed. 

Falcon Walkway Guidelines:

  • No skateboards or any mode of transportation with wheels on the walkway
  • No golf carts on the walkway during passing periods
  • Increase staff supervision for the Falcon Walkway
  • We will enlist student leaders (Athletes, Student Council, PALS, Honor Society members, Safe School Ambassadors…) to be examples of appropriate behavior and help monitor the Falcon Walkway
  • Implement a new bell schedule (attached) with six minute passing periods for students who do not have to move between buildings. The revised schedule will provide equitable minutes per class period and for Main Building dismissal at 2:25 pm. This will allow students plenty of time to get on the bus in the afternoon. 
  • Students moving between buildings will be allowed to leave 5 minutes early. Teachers will identify students in each class period that require the early 5 minute dismissal. Students who do not have to move between buildings will have six minutes to get to their next class. This will allow students commuting between buildings to smoothly walk in uncrowded hallways and access the walkway with minimized student traffic.
  • Tardies for students moving between buildings will monitored but not counted until the commute stabilizes.
  • Students leaving class 5 minutes early will be required to show their school I.D. to support a secure environment. Students will be given a one week grace period to secure their ID’s. If lost, ID’s can be made at the attendance office on both campuses, and the cost is $5.

Staff members have assigned numbered parking spaces. All numbered spots are reserved for staff members, many of whom travel off campus for assignments during the school day. Visitor parking is located at the front of the Main Building (Red Lot), on the side of the Ninth Grade Center (Blue Lot), and overflow visitor parking is located in the back of the Ninth Grade Center (White Lot). Visitors are asked to use visitor parking spots only. Cars without Clear Lake High School parking tags in a numbered spot will be towed.

September, 2014

The Project has been delayed due to the permitting process at the City of Houston and the Clear Lake Water Authority. District personnel and Architects/Engineers have worked diligently to address comments concerns raised by the various review departments, however the City’s response time is close to 30 days. Our first permit package (demolition and temporary parking) was approved earlier this week and work has commenced on that portion of the project. Both the Site Utilities Permit Package and the Building Permit Package have been resubmitted and we are waiting for approval of those portions of the project. The contractor has mobilized to the jobsite and is completing items that do not require permitting, such as temporary fencing, storm water pollution protection, and laying out items for the temporary pedestrian routes.

With the receipt of the Demolition Package Permit, select demolition at the main campus can begin at areas such as the student parking lots, practice fields, storage buildings, water tanks, and portable buildings. The student parking lot will not be removed from service until the temporary lot is complete and new temporary walkways and canopies to the main campus are completed in early October. Facilities staff and representatives from Durotech Construction are working with the campus on a transition plan prior to closure of the student lot.

Parking lot and directional signage is in place, but enforcement of parking restrictions will not take place until the temporary student lot is completed. Facilities staff is working with one of our approved Job Order Contractors to install permanent fencing around the perimeter of the CLHS 9th Grade Center to secure the practice fields and temporary parking and to provide separation from the adjacent elementary campus. The locations of staff parking have been identified and marked and are currently being utilized. Upon receipt of the Site Utilities Permit, work on underground site utilities can commence in the areas of Phase 1 construction. We will then begin weekly project meetings with the PBK, Durotech, and Facilities Staff.

The first portion of every meeting will be with the Principal and Associate Principal to address campus needs and developing solutions to issues that interfere with campus or construction activities. The delay in the receipt of the necessary permits from the City of Houston is likely to have a negative effect on the completion timeline for the project. Once all permits are received, we will review the construction schedule with Durotech Construction and determine a revised substantial completion date.

Traffic Flow Information

9th Grade Center

CLHS 9th Grade Center Drop Off/Pick Up Information

  • Parents can drop off/ pick up students at the Faculty Blue Lot located on Falcon Pass drive next to the tennis courts and beside the NGC
  • Please be cognizant to the fact that we will have many students walking past the 9th grade center to the temporary parking lot that will be located between the NGC and Falcon Pass Elementary. Please use caution when entering and exiting the parking lot.
Main Building

      Clear Lake High School Main Campus Drop Off/Pick Up

  • Parents can drop off and pick up students in front of the main building in the parking lot located off Bay Area Blvd.
  • During drop off/ pick up times, the parking lot can only be accessed from the Westbound lanes of Bay Area Blvd, using the entrance furthest away from Krueger Way. This means that if you are approaching CLHS from the west side, you will have to bypass the school and U-turn at Brook Forest Dr. / Bayou Rd.
  • In the beginning of the year, we will have some buses that will pick up and drop of students in front of this building. We ask that, for now, parents pick up and drop off students in the aisle that is indicated by the arrows and leave the other aisle for bus pick up/drop off. This will change at some point in the year and parents will be able to access both aisles at that time. We will communicate with you when that time comes.
  • Please pull all the way forward so that others can enter the parking lot as well. We want to minimize any traffic that may be stopped on Bay Area Blvd.
  • During drop off and pick up times, all traffic will turn right when exiting the parking lot.
  • Please be cognizant that there will be more students in the parking lots than we have had in the past due to having fewer areas to pick up and drop off. Please use caution when driving through the parking lots.

We thank you in advance for your patience as we build a brighter future together for Clear Lake High School.