Climate Change
Global Warning?
(By Russell Powell)

What can we do about it?

Info of today

So many people are being affected in climate change around the world. Many lives are lost over time and many things are dying slowly over exposure to climate change and global warming.

In this website, it explains and records data of Global Warming and Climate Change over time.

Yeah....the video has it's truth and it has to stop.

It's unbelievable, even present day, that the Earth is completely covered. The past has barely any Global Warming and Climate Change. In the Flash game on the top of this page, it expresses how bad the Global Warming and Climate Change. It even altered the human society.

Simulation #1

I'm pretty sure you don't believe what I said. Just examine the simulated image of what happens if Global Warming and Climate Change continues over time. It was once beautiful but slowly withered it's beauty to a hard to breathe planet. It's shockingly true...

The results of today's work...

You still don't believe me? You must be hard to reason with. The image above shows the statistics of what present day's climate is. By the way, the image is real results of what it is, not simulated or fake things about it. It's truth in the results with the image.

Here is a little flash game that shows the exposure over the years from the use of Fossil Fuels and how Climate Change and Global Warming caused problems towards the planet Earth.


Still haven't believe me yet? You must be really hard to convince then. Well, the simulated image above shows you what the world would look like with Global Warming continuing over the years. It looks like a simulation of those wasteland games but it's the truth. It'll look like this one day from the burning of those Fossil Fuels and other things. Pretty horrendous...

I can keep going but limits hold me back. However, this website goes to all the sources of Global Warming and Climate Change. It'll convince you a lot. If you don't believe this Tackk itself with the main subject, then go search up a more professional website and read the happenings of these atrocious events.

Simulation #3

Still here on this Tackk? Wow, I must have an interesting Tackk then. This little simulated image shows a farmer walking through the gorgeous grasslands and then look at his right. It's dissolved and all destroyed. See how humans of the present day are still not seeing this problem. Some people do notice while most don't.

Well, what can we do? What can you do? What can the entire human civilization do to save from the terrors of the unnatural changes? It's all up to you.

And you can make a BIG difference if you stop Climate Change and Global Warming. We can use less fossil fuels. Something less harmful to the planet. It'll a lot more nicer without harmful things towards the planet. Just a change would make the biggest difference in your life and eventually, the world would know the problems of this horrifying event.

What about the nay sayers?...

Well, that's a good question. The nay sayers usually don't believe what scientific research has discovered. Mostly, the people that works in power plants and are greedy for money have ways to deny the research.

Well, these few people deny the research and they claim that the Human Race isn't changing it. I'll quote my quote...
"Mother Nature has her ways on running life and can be rarely hard to follow. However, tampering with her might can cause to devastating events and one day, might lead to the end of the entire race."

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2 years ago

Great use of sites! Very engaging. A few issues with grammar. What about the nay sayers? Who are they? What are their claims?

2 years ago

Nice Job!