Clifton Lawson - Specializing in Criminal Law

Clifton Lawson

Clifton Lawson is a legal professional who specializes in the practice of criminal law. He lives and works in the Austin area, and strives to provide each client with stellar defense and legal representation. His main goal as a criminal lawyer is to make sure that every client receives the best legal defense possible in hopes of reaching a positive outcome in the end of each case. He has become a well-respected legal professional, and one of Austin’s top attorneys.

As a law professional working in the Austin area, Clifton Lawson must handle a variety of criminal cases. His focus is to provide client with the highest quality representation, whether it's a misdemeanor or felony defense case. He feels that it's the duty of all law professional to make sure that everyone gets a fair trial. He works actively to defend those rights on a regular basis. Since becoming a member of the legal community more than five years ago, he has handled a variety of cases. In the defense law sector the proof rests in the results.

Clifton Lawson is a highly-experienced attorney who works to defend individuals who are charged with both felony and misdeameaner charges. A defense attorney's main goal is to help the defendant avoid being charged with what is sometimes referred to as a liability. In most cases the defendant holds the burden of proof. For example, Clifton Lawson might be defending a woman who is charged with battery, but is a victim of abuse. Her actions were that of self-defense against her abusive husband. Since the defendant is charged with assault, it is his job to prove that the husband/victim actually provoked the defendant/wife.

Clifton Lawson - Practicing Law

Clifton Lawson

Clifton Lawson has been an esteemed member of the legal community for over five years, and handles a variety of cases. As an experienced criminal lawyer, Clifton Lawson handles many felony and misdemeanor cases. He always represents each client to the best of his abilities, whether a misdemeanor or felony defense case. He stands by the belief that everyone has the right to a fair and impartial trial, a belief that he works vigorously to protect on a daily basis.

Clifton Lawson is known throughout the local legal community as a hard working, credible addition law professional, who practices in the greater Austin area. He is well though of and regarded highly by many of his peers. He is a proud to serve the people within his community. Clifton Lawson maintains a strong committmeent to providing every client with the best possible legal representation. Working in the criminal law sector takes a certain expertise, which has led to him become an advocate for providing each client the best possible legal defense in order for their case to reach a not guilty verdict. He is know throughout the community for his honesty and hard work.

Clifton Lawson is a firm believer that working to provide a stronger community now will give hope for the future generations. He has donated both his time and money to support the homeless shelters, as well as fund the efforts of the local animal rescues, which have saved the lives of thousands of animals. He feels that it's important to give generously to local organizations that help to create a better socitey for everyone in the community. His view is that in order to set a good example to others within your community, you need to give freely of your own time and money to assist the efforts of local non-profit groups.

Clifton Lawson - Preparing for A Marathon

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