Clint Papesch

Experienced Marketing Executive

About Clint Papesch

Over the course of his career as a marketing executive, Clint Papesch has emerged as a highly successful entrepreneur and business leader. He currently serves as the president of the AutoLine Marketing Group in Chagrin Falls, Ohio, where he manages business activities such as supporting the sales team and maintaining customer relationships. Clint Papesch works with some of the most prominent credit unions and dealers throughout the US, helping them streamline the automobile loan process for their members. With an AutoCash member reward certificate, members have proof of a special relationship with their credit union, while dealers benefit from qualified referrals.

Before launching his career in marketing, Clint Papesch received a bachelor’s degree in finance and economics from the University of Arizona. A longtime fitness and outdoor enthusiast, he enjoys hiking, playing basketball, and working out at the gym in his free time. Clint Papesch also enjoys cooking Thanksgiving dinner and spending his summers behind the grill with his family.

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