Family Life during the Industrial Revolution

Whitney Walker, Jennifer Lee, Inala Gant

Family Style before the Industrial Revolution

- Before the revolution, 80% of the worlds population was engaged in farming.

-Yarn and other materials like cotton were dealt with by hand until the demand for materials increased and let to the inventions of gins and other things that sped up the production time.

-Everything that was once in union in the community -working and communication within families- disappeared over time because of working in new factories.

Children Lives


- Many children were often sent to factories because families were poor.

- Young children worked 10-14 hours a day with only a few breaks.

- Worked in a dangerous environment. Children often lost their fingers, arms, legs or worse, their life.

- Children often fell sick due to the fact that children were inhaling fumes and toxins which led to the chronic conditions or diseases.

- Children that lost their limbs or ill were thrown out and replaced with new children workers.


- Children worked on farms as a daily chore.

- Children carried loads of heavy materials and handled with dangerous tools.

- Working on a farm was not as vigorous and dangerous compared to working in a factory

Family Life Change

- Men, women, and children worked long hours in factories

- Work and home was sharply separated

- Families lack community with all the working

- Little family contact

- Children had little education because they were working in factories instead

- Children didn't have role models

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