Fuller Park

Brendan T, Luke G, and Colin M

Fuller Park is a great place to visit if you are looking for some fun activities. It's local facilities provide many fun activities such as baseball, tennis, and running. There are baseball fields, boxing rings, tennis courts, fitness centers, and running tracks. So as you can see if you are looking for a place to have fun and play come right down to Fuller Park.

Besides Fuller Parks fun activities, it has a great history. Fuller Park first opened in 1911. It was named after a famous man who was the Chief of Justice, Mellville Fuller. After the Civil War, people of Irish descent lived here first and they came from Ireland. However, Fuller Park is a very poor town. In 1950, there economy dropped. Today, 92% of the town is African American, 5% Irish, 2% Hispanic, and 1% other. Two fun facts about Fuller Park are that it is the home to Eden Nature Center that is 3.5 acres of land. Another fun fact is that it is the home of the Chicago White Sox. Fuller Park is located on the south side of Chicago and is 10 acres big. It is located next to Cosmic Park.