My trip to the Peruvian north: Mancora

My girlfriend and I wanted to go Cusco but when we decided to go, we realized the weather in there was terrible. For us, I was supposed to be sunny and warm but we didn’t realize that in March it’s very rainy and cold, so we pointed our finger to another side of the map: Mancora!

We are very passionate for the sound of the sea, the fresh air, warm weather and the nature so we really took a great decision traveling to Piura. We loved everything: we did horseback riding, we had a lot of relax taking long sunbathing, swam on the nice beaches, ate delicious dishes and the people are very easy to get along with. I think the only bad part of this is that our hotel was quite far from Mancora (it was on Vichayito actually), so anytime we wanted to go, we had to expend 12 or 15 soles to get through it.

At the end, we were supposed to stay 4 days, but we finally took 6 days to enjoy more and more. We want to go back soon!   

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