How to Close Himmelblau

You Will Need:

  • A reliable flashlight
  • A pair of work gloves (these WILL get dirty)
  • A good plunger (there should be several around the house)
  • A working padlock (this may or may not be on the barn door already)
  • A flat-head screwdriver (this should be somewhere near the hot water tank)
  • Three gallons of RV antifreeze (the pink stuff - ask at Home Depot, et al)
  • Four AA batteries (usually can be found in Dagmar's roll-top desk)
  • One 16'x20' clean tarp (this may be on hand, but check to be sure)

1. Bring everything outside into the house or barn: All outdoor furniture should go to the basement or onto the screened in porch. All cushions, books, magazines, small toys, knick-knacks and electronics from the porch should go into the house. Also disconnect the outdoor shower fixture (close the supply valves first) and bring it into the house. All planters, tools, hammocks, etc. should go into the barn.

2. Pack away all the linens in the laundry room: Use large heavy duty garbage bags to store all the linens (drop a couple mothballs in each).

Bags you can see through are a good idea

3. Remove the screens from the windows and Dagmar's sliding door: Carefully take each window out to remove the screen, and place each screen (standing up against the wall) nearby. They are different sizes and shapes, so it is important to keep each screen near its proper window. Place the sliding screen doors from Dagmar's porch in her bedroom somewhere.

4. Clean fireplaces and close the chimney flues.

5. Clear ALL food out of the kitchen and pack it up to take with you. Dry goods can be left if the are in sealed containers, but DO NOT leave canned goods or anything containing liquids (oils, vinegar, condiments, etc.).

If you don't want it, toss it!

6. Unplug and clean the refrigerator. Prop the doors open when done.

7. Place all furniture on the porch into a pile against the back wall (the cushion can be left on the futon, but all other blankets and cushions, etc. should already be inside). Carefully cover the pile with a clean tarp. Use heavy objects from the side porch or stones to weigh down the edges of the tarp - make sure it is secure against a high wind.

8. Place cover over front door to protect it for the winter months. This can be found in two pieces in the barn. They must be placed into the door frame from the inside, bottom half first, then the channel locks can be engaged and the front door carefully closed (the doorknob can be tricky here).

9. Clean the golf carts and place in the barn. Check the tire pressure and fill if needed. Make sure to leave carts in neutral WITHOUT setting the parking brake (if you leave it set it will stretch the braking cable).

10. Switch all electrical breakers in the barn to the off position. Make sure nothing is left in the fridge or case freezer!

11. Turn off the furnace in the basement: First, turn off the propane supply valve, then after 30-45 seconds flip the light switch next to the unit. Check the propane tank next to the barn to ensure there is at least one quarter of a tank.

12. Switch all electrical breakers in the basement to the off positions except the one marked Septic Aerator (#24B). Also DO NOT turn off the electrical Main switch.

13. Shut off both of the water intake valves. These can be found on the lines that lead in from the exterior walls next to each pressure tank.

14. Disconnect all faucet-less water fixture supply lines. This includes toilets, washing machine, dishwasher, and refrigerator.

15. Open (turn on) all faucets and water valves. This includes all outdoor fixtures, showers, and sinks. Leave the indoor shower heads hanging straight down.

16. Drain all the water from both systems by opening the faucets below each pressure tank, at the base of the hot water tank, and in the corner of the room below Dagmar's.

17. Place antifreeze in all toilets and drain traps. First flush the toilet until it's as dry as possible. Use a plunger to force the last bit of water out. Pour in the antifreeze and plunge a couple of times to force it into the trap. Also pour some antifreeze in the sinks (enough to displace any water still in the traps), showers/bathtubs, and the bottom of the dishwasher.

18. Visually inspect each room of the house working your way from top to bottom. Be sure to remove ANYTHING organic or liquid (flowers, fruit, etc.). Check that all windows are properly closed and secured. On the porch, be sure to secure all screen doors and remove anything which could be damaged by weather.

I'm pretty, but I can't stay!

19. Lock up the house and barn. Secure sliding doors of the barn from the inside using the hammock hooks. Secure all the windows and leave through the man door. Use a padlock to secure the man door upon exiting. Check the locks on both front door and porch door from inside the house. Place fresh AA batteries in the locking mechanism on the back door before exiting. Push the button that looks like a lock to secure it from outside. Be sure to test the door afterwards to see that it is locked and DO NOT lock the door handle!!!

20. Get moving! You don't want to miss the last boat now that everything is turned off!

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