Your Classroom in the Cloud

How to Use Google Classroom - by Alfonso & Dave

As you can see in the above slideshow, there are MANY reasons to use Google Classroom!  (You can make your own slideshow using screenshots & Gickr)

Advantages & Disadvantages

You can see an interactive version of the mindmap here.  Feel free to add to it.  Create your own using text2mindmap.

So how do you get started?

The steps are listed above.  Teachers can join other teachers' classes.  Just be sure to turn off Notifications in your Settings or you will get LOTS of emails!

How to make assignments

Using Google Docs allows you to create templates and make copies for each student.  You can also create assignments where they collaborate on one document.

Sites that Use Google Logins

These are just a few of the MANY sites that are easy for your students to log into using their Google account.  Just click the sign in button and click the Google icon! (flipbooks, slideshows, and audio recordings) (websites) (audio, you can embed on your websites) (movies) (movies) (movies) (slideshow with audio) (cool site for making comics) interactive diagrams infographics (create movies with animation) (animated movies and slideshows) (nice way to create Google tours)

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