Cloverleaf CITE 6 PD:
Creating conscious communicators

Why do we take the time to do this?
Helping students set goals and track their own growth helps them become more metacognitive learners.

Agenda (5/8/2015)

1. Debrief:

  • What strategies did you use to make data gathering possible?  Did you have students self report?  Why or why not?
  • What are some of the things that worked and what were some of your challenges?
  • What ah-hahs might make this process more meaningful next year?

2. Hands on: Input baseline data, targets, and final data into InspirED.

3. Workday Q&A - Do you need any help from Kristin?

4. Brainstorm and plan: Vision work for (making CITE 6 a success) next year

5. Closure:  Please help us get better!
Please list:
  • 3 things you learned today,
  • 2 questions you still have, and
  • 1 suggestion you might have for Liz for improvement

NOTE: If you would like your response to be anonymous, please enter "Mickey Mouse" as the name and "" as the email address.

Agenda (4.10.15)

1. Choose two relevant rows from communication rubric.

2. Build common rubric
   a. Group - which rows appeal most
   b. Partners - highlight what speaks to you
   c. Group - Craft / Scribe

3. Create your copy of tracking system

4. Brainstorm assessments and learning opportunities

  • Team talk or individual reflection: What will your genealogy assessment be for these students?  (Plan your assessment.)
  • How will you include teaching activities that also help students develop the skills on the communication rubric? (Enhance your Stage 3, if needed.)

5. Brain Break

6. InspirED Innovation (Hands on - walk through the assessment library)

7. Break

8. Role play (Communication rubric self-rating conversation - Chrystal & Liz)

9. Closure:

  • Think of a significant point or personal connection you are making from today's work.
  • Share your thinking with the group by posting it (through words, images, etc.) in the Comment Stream below.

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2 years ago

I love that we accomplished so much together! I really like the 4 corners idea for self assessment!

2 years ago

Colleen Barber- Liz, I am so glad that we are coming up with a common rubric on how we can assess our students. Thanks for the great ideas!

2 years ago

I LOVE your four corners idea and your understanding that we only have a limited amount of time with our kids. Any quick and easy hints are appreciated. I also love your instructional technique and modeling.

2 years ago

Liz, I enjoy your teaching so much. You are super energetic and make the class fly by. I appreciate the way you tell us at the beginning the way the class will flow. I am so thankful we did this together. It relieved a lot of stress for me! Thank you!

2 years ago

I appreciated the time to apply the topic to our class (actually making the rubric and entering the class list, rather then just talking about it.)

2 years ago

I really enjoyed the practical ways you gave us to incorporate some of these ideas into our classrooms. i.e. concentration 64 and 4 corners.

2 years ago

Working through the rubric was an incredible time saver with useful language for my kindergartners.

2 years ago

Thank you so much for a clear, concise class with time to work. Thank you for the agenda and talking about the big picture. It was SO helpful to have time to enter data and get it saved. You are VERY enthusiastic about any topic that you teach and that is so refreshing.

2 years ago

Through all of the active brainstorming, I love the ideas we all hammered out together. It was nice to troubleshoot together. It was nice to get to work together on the rubrics with other kindergarten teachers who have great ideas, and Liz, you brought our ideas together so nicely.

2 years ago

Hi friends! I'm sorry that we won't be seeing each other today, but I want you to stay safe and warm. We'll see you on the 24th instead, sound good?