Cloverleaf School System Ad Promotion

Brought to you by Scholastic Sponsors Association

The Fall 2014 Trial Promotion allows you to take advantage of advertising your business on the Cloverleaf School District's website at a discounted rate for 3 months*.

This promotion also includes a weekly analytics report documenting the online traffic from the Cloverleaf School District's website to your business.

Your ad will appear here:

Your ad will be featured on rotation in both spots on the Cloverleaf School System website.

The Fall 2014 Promotional rate is $150 for three months.

Next steps...

1. Ask your Sales Representative for a Scholastic Sponsors Association Advertiser Contract

2. Fill out the Advertiser Contract and submit it back to your Sales Representative

3. For more information, please visit your local sponsored school district website, or the Scholastic Sponsors Association website at:

Questions? E-mail us here!