Terms of Mythology

By: JoDee Schwarz



Aonian Mount




Six Mythology terms

There are many terms of mythology. I will begin with the term "Muse" , this is the goddess of art and science. She is a very beautiful summary of the greeks mythology for technique. Titanian is the queen of fairies. In greek mythology fairies are those who give inspiration. Briareas and the hundred handed giant fought the Titans by throwing mountain sized boulders at them. The "father od monsters", the God who is also a monster goes by many names such as; Typhon, Typho, Typhaon, Typheous, and Typhos. The Stygian is an important part of Mythology. The Stygian is the border between earth and Hades (the underworld). As there is a Hades and earth, Gods and Godessess live in neither of them. They live in Aonian Mount (Mount Helicon) which is the sacred home of the classical muses.

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