Mirror mirror on the wall !!!

Mirror mirror on the wall...tell me who is prettiest of all ,why wait for the mirror to answer when you have selfie dear master...Thats what the mirror says when we ask this question in this century. Selfie is a new virus which is spreading rapidly and the two requirements for its growth are pretty faces and picture perfect backgrounds. And G D Goenka has both. the infrastructure and the lush green ground gives a perfect reason to hold a selfie contest. To spread this trend of selfie taking the School Of Engineering, G D Goenka University hosted a selfie taking contest  which had one simple rule "University Campus"  . Everybody pulled up their socks and chose their corners to take their selfies. There were loads of entries.  Picking  up  one  from  the  pile  was  tough.   But   finally             Prof (Dr.) Deependra K. Jha, Dean SOE  picked up the most stylish Goenkish. This short but fun filled activity provided a much needed break from the stress of the upcoming exams.These events encourage the students to enjoy their college time .

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