The color theroy

The color theory is used daily and is very important. Many painters use it and it is very helpful. But not just painters, but also designers for their product. How interesting would a product be if it had no color. Not that many people would buy it.

                   The color wheel

It helps many people mix and create new colors because it shows what color will appear. It helps many advertisers and logo designers. It can be very helpful to many people. It helps design a lot of products. That's why we use the color wheel.

            The scheme importance

The scheme is very important. Its all about the basic colors. And the basic to everything is always important. It can cause a masterpiece. From finger painter to water painting.

                  The impact on colors

Many colors can change the attitude. Many people would think blue is sad, and red is evil. But I like red and I don't see it as evil. But it does catch the people attention. And that's why the color wheel Is important.