Survivors of the Holocaust

Millions of Jewish people had to survive by hiding during the Holocaust. Some were unlucky and became captured by the Nazis -- many people got placed into concentration camps, but others got killed right on the spot. It's very unlikely to survive in such horrible conditions, but a handful had. Luckily, those who survived have their own special and sickening story to tell.

These two are survivors of Auschwitz. Each have their own unique story that Their daughter tells their story here about what conditions and everything they had went through. She also mentions what her life was like being a daughter of Holocaust survivors.

This is a picture of a Holocaust survivor, Barbara Cohen. She holds up a childhood picture of herself and the vest she wore when she was younger. She and her family were taken to a concentration camp in Poland, and she survived.

Eva Brown is a Holocaust survivor who got interviewed. She tells her story about her life in the concentration camps were like. She also talks about her life before and after this tragic event.


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