Gabrielle Barone

~Looking back, Moving Foward~

Looking Back , Moving Foward!

Dear Mom & Dad,

I want to thank you for picking St. Clare , as a grammar school for me to grow up in. I cant picture my life with out of all these kids and teachers. St. Clare is the best school that I could even ever imagine . Its defiantly prepared me for NDA next year. Although , I never want to leave this school , and seperate from all of my friends , the time will soon come . We will all be seperating and going all of our seperate way in a blink of an eye. I have shared so many memories with these kids , like to Ellis Island , Musuems , Upstate and many more. All of these school trips , created memories to a lifetime. Soon , I will leave but I am happy to go to NDA and enter into the sisterhood. My school prepared me and I hope to prosper greatly as a freshman next year.


Over the years here at St.Clare, we have made so many memories

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