A little bit about my amazing class trip!


This year, my class was involved in a program called Green Connections. Green Connections is a program that enables students like me to become friends with students from upstate in Sidney New York. We first met these students when we wrote letters to them, telling them a little bit about ourselves. My partner seemed very nice and I couldn't wait to meet him. Then, we met them in person on a trip to New York City. That trip was so much fun! My favorite part of this trip was seeing the butterfly exhibit. Next, it was time for us to see their home in Sidney. Everything was so beautiful there. Hiking up the mountain to see the reservoir was so much fun, and so was releasing the trout! Also, all of the students, including my partner, were so nice! I enjoyed meeting new people and being a part of the Green Connections program.


Clouds in the blue sky

Nature everywhere you look

Water flowing by

Birds soar above us

Rocks scattered along the path

Sun's shining today

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