Diary (Ana's and Mihael's)

24.12.2014. Le Réveillon

C’est un des plus beaux jours de l'année. Je me suis réveillé vers 9 heures. J'avais mal à la tête parce qu'hier j'étais dans un club. Toute la famille était heureuse. Chacun faisait quelque chose. J'ai aidé ma grand-mère de préparer la nourriture. Environ 8 heures nous avons dîné tous ensemble. Après. toute la famille est allée à la messe de minuit. On s'est félicité Noël. Puis je suis allé dormir.

Pendant les vacances je suis allée à Psunj.


I woke up at 6:00 am and I caught the bus for Pakrac with my friends. With our backpacks, sleeping bags and in good spirits, we went to Psunj (a mountain in eastern Croatia). We went towards the mountain lodge that was covered in snow, singing all the way up. After we had left our stuff in the rooms and after we had had lunch, we went outside. We enjoyed walking and playing in the snow very much. In the evening, we hung out some more and had fun.

Mountain lodge Omanovac.
Sur la neige.

Le matin suivant la neige est tombée. Nous avons nettoyé la maison. Nous avons aidé dans la cuisine pour préparer le repas. Nous avons passé beaucoup de temps sur la neige. Les jours se sont écoulés rapidement.

Ski slope.

8.1.2015. Another day on skiing

I woke up early in the morning. My legs were in pain. I went to the bathroom and brushed my teeth. Then I started dressing up. I hate that part because it is really hot inside with all that cloths. Then I took my ski helmet and gloves and went to the car. That day it was really windy so when I was climbing with ski lift, the wind was swinging us. I passed a whole route that day, around 50 km. When i got back home I just threw myself on the bed and in that position I stayed for 2 hours sleeping. After a little nap I went with my family for a walk. When we got home we played cards. After that I went sleeping.

J'aime faire du ski.

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