Michigan Greek Strategic Plan

“Elevating our Greek Community”

Greek Community History

In 1845, the first men’s fraternity was established at the University of Michigan. Over the past 167 years Greek Life at Michigan has grown to 32 Interfraternity Council fraternities, 16 Panhellenic Association sororities, 9 National Pan-Hellenic Council (NPHC) organizations, and 12 Multicultural (MGC) organizations, representing 18% of the undergraduate population. The Greek Community is a vibrant part of the Michigan campus that, at its best, enhances the undergraduate experience for its members.


The Office of Greek Life at the University of Michigan is dedicated to the development of its diverse student body through close collaboration with the University Community, Greek Alumni, Inter/national organizations, and the Ann Arbor Community. We will provide quality academic, personal, social, and service opportunities that will empower our students to serve, lead, and conduct themselves with integrity and in accordance with sound values.