The Cuban Missle Crisis

October 14th-28th, 1962

By: Calvin Stepan

Who was involved in the Cuban Missile Crisis: President Kennedy, Fidel Castro, Chairman Nikita Kruschev, and Curtis Lemay all were involved in the Cuban Missile Crisis.

What started the Cuban Missile Crisis: An American spy plane got snapshots of long range Soviet missiles in Cuba.

What led up to the Cuban Missile Crisis: The U.S tried to overthrow Fidel Castro and the current government of the Soviet Union with the Bay Of Pigs invasion that failed, yet stood as a fair warning for the Soviets.

When was the Cuban Missile Crisis: October 14th-28th, 1962. The Naval Blockade ended on November 20th, 1962

Where was the Cuban Missile Crisis located: Cuba

Why did the Cuban Missile Crisis happen: Because Cuba felt the need to have long range missiles close to the U.S in case of a need to strike.

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