The Toxoplasmosis Disease

Toxoplasmosis is a disease caused by the parasite called Toxoplasma gondii.


Fact: More than 60 Million people in the Unites States have the parasite but most don't get sick.

The parasite lives in the flesh of animals such as mice and cattle, and when they get eaten by cats or humans it infects them as well.

You can get toxoplasmosis from contaminated meat that is raw or that has not been cooked well, cat feces when you are cleaning out the litter box, and bad water.

When you are pregnant, toxoplasmosis can affect the baby if you have the parasite. It can lead to an early pregnancy and miscarriage.  

If you had toxoplasmosis at least six months before becoming pregnant, your unborn child is protected by your immunity and will not be affected. But if your child is not protected there's a chance that child will have brain damage, cataracts, enlarged liver and kidney damage.

When you are pregnant it's so important

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