Jim Diary Entry 2014

Jack Bixby

July 2nd, 2014-Day 4

     The devil men came again today. They tried to take the sick into their white car which is the bringer of doom. I know that if I go I’ll never return to see my village again. I know this for my neighbor, Abioye, was taken a week ago in an effort to try to get help for his sickness. I have yet to see him return to the village. I fear the worse might’ve happened to him, but I hope for the best. As for me, I refuse to go with the devil men despite what they say will help. I am confident that whatever is wrong will pass in a few days if I just trust the gods to help me in my time of need. The fever will subside and I will return to my fields to help tend my crops, but if only it would pass by tomorrow.

July 16th, 2014-Day 18

     The fevers have grown, I can’t stop the vomit, and the bleeding continues. Even with the help of the devil men and their single tent I know the worst has yet to come. I have not seen my village in almost eight days, and I fear I may never see it again. It hurts to stand and I feel cutting my legs off is a better alternative than keeping them with me to cause pain. My urine is mostly blood now and I want to just end it all, but I am hopeful. Not so much that I will live, but that the other side is not as bad. I just hope that the gods are better to me there then they ever were here.

A. R. Amiibo Diary Entry 2014

Danielle Duff

July 5th, 2014

Dear Diary,

     I've been stationed in the heart of the outbreak at Sierra Leone with an attempt to prevent and treat Ebola. A friend of mine, Martim Casimir, has already been quarantined with an expected case of Ebola, and all I can do is sit and pray he is fine. Honestly, the days here down in Sierra Leone are pretty bittersweet. Children lose their parents and vice versa. Us volunteers are trying to hold up West Africa’s Ebola Outbreak with a few bottles of chlorine and sparse supplies. While I’ve been here, there’s one thing that I’ve seen happen and that’s that it’s only a matter of time before we get infected. To begin with, the people run when we wear protective gear so the only thing now between us and the infamous virus is space. Hospitals are filled to the brim with corpses and ill patients. They’re counting on us, and everyone here, even I, know that we truly are their only hope. We can only ease the symptoms with a keep their oxygen and blood pressures on point. We balance their body salts and give them IV’s. We treat infections if they occur, but there is no vaccine. No 100% cure that can be found and the virus reservoir is unknown.

    Shoo-ing the gloomy side of this all, we are definitely making a difference. I’m so glad that I have such passionate and supportive team mates to help boost not only the patients but each other up in these living conditions. I mean there have been some downers here and there that didn’t have enough resolve, but overall thinking back on the whole situation it’s truly inspiring. It’s opened my eyes to a new world I’ve never lived in. I’m grateful for this experience and wholeheartedly hope everyone gets out of this outbreak in one piece.


A. R. Amiibo

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