Natives of the Piedmont


Chowan are all different names for the same tribes. Chowanoc people were forced to give up their land to the government and live on a reservation.


People see animals better distance during hunting season. American Indians have great festivals of Thanksgiving, filled with storytelling, dancing, singing and plenty of food.


Catawba tribe is an American  word for that means divided or separated. The Catawba Tribe was the largest tribe in the Piedmont. The Catawba came from the Midwest to the Piedmont during buffalo hunts and wanted to stay.


The Tuscarora tribes were part of the Iroquois nation. Eventually, They migrated north and they were one of the six Nations.

Catawba, Culture

They settled more south than North Carolina. They think that the Waxhaw probably even met spanish explorers and came north to our neck of the woods to get away from them.  

They made pottery, fought in war, they protect children, there was different tribes.

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