All You Need to Know About FReD for Retail Operations

The secret to a successful retail merchandising strategy for FMCG brands lies behind a robust mechanism for field data collection and its analysis. Keeping a track of all the activities for obtaining goods and making them available at different places, quantities, times and prices is an imperative step to make sure that retailers reach their goals and field-marketing efforts by a brand reap maximum benefits.

Earlier, field force was required to record their proceedings manually, which left sufficient room for troubleshooting. Now, with automated field reporting tool like FReD, managers can oversee all stages of field merchandising, store-audits, and sales processes at the click or touch of a button, thus pushing up the levels of efficiency, time-management and optimum utilization of resources.

Here are some more reasons why FReD could be your most reliable ally in mapping your retail operations and staying on top when it comes to achieving targets.

Trusted name in the industry

FReD is a tried and tested tool and has been in the field reporting software domain for a span of 6 long years. These years have contributed to earn respect and loyalty from its wide database of customers that use this application on daily basis. This also helps the parent organization, 360 Field-Reporting to make constant efforts and modify the application to suit the evolving needs of the business.

Data collection on the move

Data collection is just a tap away now. Once the FMCG company signs up and their data gets configured in the app, it starts tracking the movement of your field representatives and the work being done by them. Files and piles of papers are replaced by mobile forms and photo reports which makes deriving reports from data a much-more organized task.

Real-time Monitoring

Since FReD is a GPS-enabled application, it allows users to keep a tab on what is being done and how much is being delivered by a field-force worker within the given time period. Moreover, it facilitates reporting and supervision on real-time basis which is equal to employees reporting to managers simultaneously as they execute their tasks.

Measure, Analyze and Act

All data stored is available to be reviewed at any point in time. Any information related to the retail activities is available on fingertips for the brand to procure reports. Analysis of the data collected through records of demand, supply and sales results in making retail merchandising activities more area-focused or product-centric, thus lowering merchandising costs and ensuring better sales in the long run.

If you have any questions regarding this application, call today to book your fraud for efficient field performance in the FMCG retail industry.

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