The Seven Themes of
Catholic Social Teaching
By: Jai

Life and Dignity of the Human Person

This rule means that you should respect all human life around the world. One way you can do this is by not having wars and killing people but working out problems in a different way. Also not to use any harmful medicines that the church does not agree with.

"Human Rights Watch" is a organization that fights for people rights and defends people who get abused and tortered. This organization has people all around the world in about 90 countries that go out and look for places where people are getting treated unfairly. Then they report it back to the Human Rights Watch and they try to fix the problem. This connects back to the rule that you should always respect human life and this organization because the organization working and defending the the human life around the world.

Call to Family Life, Community, and Participation

You should be careful about how you shape society around you and other people. You should support healthy marriage and family life. We also need to make sure the world is fair for everyone including the poor people who need extra help.

Human Life International supports healthy marriage and family life. This organization focuses on the problems of marriage and how to fix them. They are also took part in the March for Marriage which took place on April 30 in Washington D.C. This organization connects back to the rule to support healthy marriage and family life because they are going to March for Marriage and they are trying to fix the problem of marriage in many places.

Rights and Responsibilities

This rule means that all people deserve food, clothing, shelter, and a education. We must help the people who do not have access to all of these needs in life. We must also help keep this rule alive because everybody deserves a chance at life.

This organization helps kids all around the world who don't have an education. With the help of this organization kids can have a life and changing children's futures all around the world. In 2013 Save the Children helped about 143 million people worldwide with its global movement. This connects back to the that people deserve rights because Save the Children they are trying to improve the life of children around the world.

Option for the Poor and Vulnerbale

In our world today there is a very big gap between the rich and the poor. We need to start helping the poor more often and caring for them more often. If we don't start caring for the poor then the gap between the rich and the poor will just keep getting bigger.

Asset International is a organization that had been working since 1990. They have helped the poor and vulnerable in over 61 courtiers. They are helping make the gap between the rich and the poor smaller in a lot of places where poverty is found. This connects back to an option for the Poor and Vulnerable because Asser International is going into places that are full of poverty and then trying to fix them so that the people living there will have a better life.

The Dignity of Work and the Rights of Workers

Everybody deserves to have a job and a chance at life. But, in some cases when people do have jobs  they are working in horrible conditions and they are getting very low wages. To fix this problem workers all over the world should be able to talk to their bosses about more fair wages and working conditions instead of going on strike and protesting.

NESRI is an organization that fights for the rights of workers all around the world. NESRI usually works in places that are full of poverty and where people are forced to work in terribly conditions and get paid low wages because its the only place to work near them. NESRI connects back to the rule, The Dignity of Work and the Rights of Workers because they are fighting in places all over the word to make sure that people work in good conditions and get paid fair wages.


We are all the same no matter what we look like, where we come from, or what religion we believe in. Since we are all the same we must treat each other the same way we would treat ourselves, basically the golden rule. When people don't follow this rule it usually leads to war. War is not good because many people die just beucase of some disagreement.

Solidarity Center helps rights around the world. They work to stop any unfair division because of how someone looks, where they come from, and what religion they believe in. This connects back to the rule that you must never treat someone unfairly because Solidarity Center is working to bring this rule to life in many places of the world where people are getting treated unfairly.

Care for God's Creation

We must care for the Earth and its environment. We constantly are polluting its air, cutting down its trees, and destroying the habitats of animals everyday. We need to care for God's creations because God made the Earth for us and he gave us the right to life. We are destroying the Earth that God made for us and without the Earth there will be nowhere left for us to live. We must take care of the Earth and not harm it.

Earth Organization helps promote life o Earth in a lot of ways. They help animals and the environment of many places throughout the world. They have save and improved many place in the world for animals and humans. They connect back to the rule, Care for God's Creation because this organization is trying to improve the Earth and its animzls which are God's Creations.