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The Mouse & The Lion
Jerry Pinkney

Jerry studied at the Philadelphia College of Art (now the University of the Arts)

Jerry has been the recipient of five Caldecott Honor Medals, a Caldecott Medal, and five The New York Times "Best Illustrated Books" and so much more. In 2011, he was elected into the Society of Illustrators Hall of Fame.

Jerry Pinkney is one of many talented Multicultural Author/Illustrators.  This particular book The Mouse and The Lion is a wordless book.  This book allows the reader to make up their own version of the narrated story.   

Here is a great example of children creating their own narrations of the story.  

Here is where the book is supposed to take place in Africa!

United States and the Serengeti

Jerry Pinkney

Learn about the making of The Mouse & The Lion

Jerry Pinkney's WebSite

More books by Jerry

Jerry Pinkney has written and illustrated many books.  The one thing about Jerry is that he has done many diverse books. A number of his children’s books celebrate multicultural and African-American themes.

Goin' Someplace Special
Tricia Ann on the bus headed to the "colored section"

Goin' Somplace Special, this book gives children a great message and sends it in a way that children will understand. The book takes its readers back to a terrible time in our nation's history but in this story it is approached in such positive way. The book will makes children want to read. The one big message that is sent is that reading is so special and that is so true when it comes to education. Children should value their ability to read along with their freedom to read. This book would be a great book to use for history and help children understand how things used to be in a lighter way. Great book for any classroom.

The Moon Over Star

The Moon Over Star

This book is a Caldecott winning book and also a Coretta Scott King Award for Illustrator Honor. This book is great for inspiring children to do whatever they want in their life and try to shoot for the stars.  

Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star

Jerry Pinkney

The Tortoise and the Hare


This book is a great fable book teaching children about many life lessons.  Sometimes slow and steady wins the race.  

Questions with the man himself

Video on many of his drawings

Jerry has won 5 Caldecott medals!!

Jerry has won so many different awards it would take forever to write them all down!

Jerry has such a unique way of doing his illustrations.  He uses drawing and water colors to create his artwork.  

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