Frederick Douglass writing prompt

     A time that I tried to accomplish something was volleyball. I put a lot of effort into it because volleyball was like a thing that really kept me motivated. I went to practice every Monday,Tuesday, and Thursday for like 2 hours. We would always do warm ups and stretches, like 2/3 laps around the gym, then after that we would practice jumping in front of the net, and I'll ALWAYS remember doing killers, running back and forth which made us really tired and sore the most. On most days we would do a rotation gym against the coach and make bets, like if we lost then everybody had to do 5 killers and if they lost they had to do it.

     We would practicing our serving,diving, and communication between the team while on court because that was the most important thing. Even though we lost a game we would have to stay positive because we know we could do better the next game. I remember on our last game (home) against the staff. I was proud of myself for actually jumping over to hit the ball twice. I got burned by the gym floor a couple times because of diving without knee pads. I would always get hit in the face by the volleyball but it didn't hurt because that will always happen, I learned how to communicate more with people on court and improve a whole lot more and I'm proud of myself. STAY POSITVIE !!!