Nice to meet you :))

Here's a picture of me during my hollidays this summer!
Let me introduce you to the love of my life...my dog,Enjy.Isn't she cute?

A little bit of music...

It's time to introduce myself I guess,my name is Susan and i'm 15.I have a big brother (24) and a big sister (21).I love my family more than anything in the world.I have a dog and two cats.I love cinema and I would like to be an actress,but I also like music very much.My favorite band ever is Red Hot Chili Peppers ("Don't Forget Me" is my favorite song,I cry almost every time that I listen to this song ahahah).I also love Incubus,The Velvet Undergroud,Nirvana,The Strokes,Franz Ferdinand,Marilyn Manson,System of a Down and a lot of other bands...

To finish,here's a picture of my best friends and I,Inès on the left and Margaux on the right (I'm in the middle ;) ).


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