Mesopotamia Land

BY:Princess Ouattara

Come and see the great Mesopotamia land. The land of  technology,food supply, and a great Irrigation System. I hope you enjoy this flyer.


Mesopotamia has an great IRRIGATION SYSTEM. They created a method for water to go anywhere you want it to go. But I'm not going to lie to you, sometimes the canals got clauged but people chipped in to help clean them. But they still worked perfectly and clean and fresh water still came out of them. But don't worry if they get stuck again why don't you be a good person and have a place in your heart and help clean them with people who you might meet and might even become friends with.


Mesopotamia has tons and tons of land. That land is used to grow freshly grown fruits and vegetables. And the beautiful and one and only CITY-STATES that is used for people to live in or visit in. You can also see a beautiful view.


Plow,Wheel,and so many more is in Mesopotamia is full with lots and lots of technology and artifacts. Come and see one of these technology,like for instance the plow,wheel,and like the faience and many many more. {"The faience is an artificial glazed material and was made in Mesopotamia in 4000 B.C but glaze was not applied to pottery until 2nd millennium B.C"}

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