Cost of a foodborne illness

Kwe'Shanta Williams

E-coli has sickened 12 people in the past spring. It was caused by ground beef burgers being eaten raw or under cooked. People ask for a rare or medium rare burger not knowing the pathogens and illnesses that can be caused.  This is the first time the exact cause of the outbreak, which occurred in April and May 2014, has been disclosed to the public. Public health experts speaking with food safety news say the outbreak is a stark reminder that under cooked ground beef poses a serious health risk and that consumers should be aware of the risk when ordering their burgers rare or medium-rare.The outbreak was first publicly reported by federal health authorities on May 19, 2014, with an announcement that ground beef produced by Detroit-based Wolverine Packing Company had sickened at least 12 people in one state At the same time, the company and the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) announced a recall of 1.8 million pounds of ground beef produced by Wolverine between March 31 and April 18, 2014.

This is a cost of a foodborne illness because e-coli is sickening people and its in raw groundbeef. You should cook food the correct way at the correct temperature to prevent this foodborne illness.

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