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Vets care for animals in need of their care.Vets see what is the problem with animals (For example: if a dog is walking strange,it probably has a hurt leg). Some vets care for farm animals(pigs, cows, horses)while other vets just stick to the house hold pets ( dogs,cats).Also, there are some vets who work for zoos or aquariums and take care of zebras,sharks, and other wild creatures.To be a vet you have to: get a bachelors degree, and a doctor of veterinary medicine (D.V.M). You have to have a great personality towards animals and their owners to be a vet. Also, you need to be good at making decisions to aid in choosing appropriate treatment methods.Usually vets will go to many years of college (around 8 years).You would take science and agriculture (FFA)in high school.Veterinarian is in the career cluster of agriculture.

Salary: $82,900  and median hour earnings of $39.86

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