Advantages of Soldier Pile Walls

Soldier pile walls are defined as non-gravity cantilevered walls designed to provide support through the inert resistance from the ground below the finished grade and the rigidity of the vertical wall elements. Having been used since the late eighteenth centuries in cities like London, Berlin, and New York, soldier pile walls are excellent earth retention systems that are effective in both ‘cut’ and ‘fill’ wall situations. Soldier pile wall systems may be used as temporary shoring or as permanent retaining walls. They are among the oldest retaining systems for deep excavations. The method is sometimes called, 'Berlin Wall' when timber lagging and steel piles are used. If your construction budget permits, circular pipes, concrete piles, and caissons may be used as the soldier piles.

You can form a soldier pile wall by building soldier piles at regular intervals, usually at six feet to 12 feet. You need to excavate in small stages and install the lagging, then backfill and compact the empty space behind the lagging. Passive soil resistance can be achieved when you embed the soldier piles under the excavation grade. The lagging will then bridge and retain soil throughout the piles and transfer the lateral load through the soldier pile system.

Soldier pile walls are excellent retaining systems for deep excavations that may require the use of soil nails for the soil nailing method of construction. Soil nailing is a remedial technique that may treat unstable soil slopes, and it can also be a construction technique that provides a safer over-steepening of existing and new soil slopes. Components used for soilnails may be used to stabilize existing fill slopes and retaining walls.

Soldier pile walls can be effective in high water table conditions when extensive dewatering is done beforehand. Dewatering pertains to the removal of water from soil or solid material through filtration, centrifugation, or any other process that can separate solid from liquid. The method should remove and drain groundwater or surface water.

Construction companies may prefer soldier pile walls to other kinds of retaining walls due to the system being comparatively inexpensive. Soldier pile walls are quick and easy to build, too. Their versatility enables adjustments to be made easily, so you can easily make changes to the design. Construction of lagging can be quick, and building that with soldier pile walls do not require extremely advanced construction techniques.

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