Hong Kong's Profile

By: Olivia Smith

Victoria City

Hong Kong has a republic government.

                Hong Kong's leader is named Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying.

                                          Hong kong has a capitalist economy.  

                        The Hong Kong dollar is $0.13 in the USA money system.

                                       Hong Kong's GDP is $295,303 per capita.

Hong Kong's capital is Victoria City.

Hong Kong's population is 7.188 million people.

Hong Kong's GDP is ranked 1st out of 42 countries.

The literacy rate is 93.5%

Life expectancy M/F: 81 years of age.

Hong Kong's official language is Chinese.

Hong Kong Disneyland is just like the American Disneyland. There are many activities and rides to go on with family and spend time together.

Ocean Park Hing Kong is an oceanarium for tourists or for others to go see marine mammals. Also Ocean Park is an amusement park so people can go on rides.

Sik Sik Yuen Wong Tai Sin Temple is a temple where people believe it makes your wishes come true. People go there to see the beautiful temple and for them to wish for things they hope will happen.

Historical Events

One historical event that happened was the Hong Kong Typhoon. In Macau on September 22-23 a large typhoon hit. Many people got injured and around 5,000 died from it. The typhoon was the worst to ever go through Macau. Many things got destroyed  and many homes and businesses were gone.

Another historical event is in 1953 there was a very large fire called the Shek Kip Mei. On December 25th, the fire hit the town and it left many people homeless and hungry. Around 53,000 people were homeless due to the fire and how much things were destroyed.

Lastley, in 1987 stock markets around the world crashed. The name of the crashing is called Black Monday. The crashing of the markets started in Hong Kong and rapidly started spreading faster.


A British banker in Hong Kong was charged and sent to jail for the killings of two women getting killed in his apartment. The police found the two girls bodies on the 31st floor of the building. One girl was stuffed in his suit case for a couple of days and put on his balcony and the other girls neck was slashed.

Self Questions

Do you feel your country's economy was succsessful?: I feel that their economy is a succsessful economy. Hong Kong has good and large companies to help make their economy more succsessful.

What is one company located in your country?: HongKong Post is a company that is mostly owned by the government.

Describe what this company does: HongKong Post is responsible for being the postal service and mailing everything to the correct places and on time.

What could your country do to improve their economy?: What Hong Kong could do to improve their economy is give more people jobs and improving their companies to make them more organized.

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