Come to Mesopotamia!!!

Located on the fertile crescent.

Here we have A lot of fertile land and that's why we are called the fertile crescent. When you plant food it will grow very well and have enough food for your family. Wich means we have a lot of food for our food supply so you won't go hungry. Even so you can choose wich empire you want to be apart of. We get all of our fertile land from the flooding of the Euphrates and Tigris river. But sometimes the land can get minerals in it so then it doesn't become as fertile as it usually is because of the minerals. But we use fresh water to wash the minerals out of the soil so you can grow things in them allot of the time. We also made the first irrigation systems. These will also help with your crop growth.

Were you can move to...

Were you can live while your here will be located in this section.

You can live in UR,Babylon,Ashur,Nineveh,Haran,Ebla,Ugarit,Damascus, Jerusalem,Memphis.


Here in Mesopotamia you should come because we have a very stable food supply and this is because in the fertile crescent are land is super fertile because Of the water flooding over the land fertilizing the land. But the bad thing about this is the minerals from the water can make the land bad. But then we Take the fresher water and wash out the minerals.Also you can read our laws from Hammurabi if you live in the Noe-Babylonian Empire.  Now a Interview from a citizen in Mesopotamia!!!

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