Chapter summary and analysis project

By, Gordon Neil

Chapter six Slave auction

Chapter six                              Family separated, Hearts Shattered

   During the start of this chapter is the slave auction, the most a slave went for was 1,295 dollars. The slave auction comes to an end and Master Butler is talking to a lady named mistress Henfeild and the slave auctioneer.  Mistress Henfeild is the lady that bought Joe, Emma says she looks like a nice lady. Will is in the barn with Emma, Sarah and Frances, Emma glances and sees master shake the mistress hand. Frances come over to Emma and Sarah and asks Sarah to come with her because papa wants to see her, Emma soon starts to realize what happened.

   Papa(Master Butler) comes over and picks Sarah up but she keeps squirming and kicking so he has no choice to let her down. Sarah keeps running back to Emma, finally Master tells Will to take her to the coach and Will then explains to Master he should have let him drowned when they were younger. Mistress Henfeild goes over to Emma and asks if she knows where Kentucky is. Emma says shakes her head and says no ma’am, next mistress says that mater told her that Emma is good with children and Emma says yes ma’am. Mistress then says she’ll be taking care of her two year old daughter Ruth. Before all the slaves leave Master Butler lines all his slaves up in a line and gives them a each a silver dollar, Joe walks right past master but Emma stops and stares at him, soon his face gets beat red and he starts to blink a lot, Emma states that he probably wishes his eyes lashes were wings and he could fly away. Mistress Henfeild waits in the coach for her new slaves, finally Joe and Emma bored the  coach and get on there way. Will and Sarah watch them leave and don't move till they can't see the coach anymore.

Book Summary                                  The Road To Freedom

                        One who views Chapter six  “The Auctioning of Slaves Continue” through the historical lens would that Julius Lester provides a somber perspective on the auctioning of slaves. Showing the melancholy emotions shown by the sold slaves. The book Day of Tears introduces a forgotten historical event thats very realistic. The determination showed by these people proves how strong you had to be to succeed as a runaway slave.

  Day of tears doesn’t really compare to other slave stories i've read. most stories about slavery are usually viciously brutal and tortuous and shows how bad the slaves were treated. However some slave owners would let their slaves get jobs and would provide health care for the slaves, such as mistress Henfeild she fed and took care of her slaves and even let them get jobs if they wanted. Julius Lester shows us that not all slave owners were bad people besides the fact they owned slaves they didn't beat their slaves or let them suffer.

  Chapter six “The Auctioning of Slaves Continue”, is a very important  chapter in this book. During this chapter, Emma gets sold away from her family, and has to move to Kentucky with Mistress Henfeild. Luckily for Emma, the boy that always stares at her, Joe is also sold to the mistress. Joe and Emma speak about how they are the closest thing they have to family now. Before all the slaves leave, Master Butler lines all the slaves up and gives each sold slave a silver dollar, but when Joe and Emma get to the front of the line Joe walks right by him, but Emma stops and stares at him, Master Butler gets all red in the face and he starts to blink very fast, Emma then says “Master probably wish them eyelashes were wings so he could fly away. These emotions are indicative of the strength needed for an escaped slave to succeed. On the coach ride back to Kentucky is when Joe and Emma start to plan their escape. They plan to go to Canada, get married and have children.

  Overall slavery affected America in a substantial way. Especially during the Civil War, it was brothers fighting brother and cousins fighting cousins. In the story Day of Tears shows that not all slave owners were bad people, even though they owned slaves it wasn’t a harsh life for some slaves. It took a lot of guts, courage and fortitude to be a successful runaway slave.

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