Toussaint L'Ouverture

By:Janea' Clark

Toussaint L'Ouverture was born on May 20,1743 and died on April 7,1803.

He worked to free Haiti .

He gathered free slaves on the island of Saint Domingue ( present-day Haiti) and made an army. He helped the French drive out the Spanish. So, Toussaint was left in charge of Saint Domingue even though it was officially a French colony.In 1802,the French emperor Napoleon sent troops to the island of Saint Domingue to regain control of the island. Toussaint and his small army fought the French and lost. The French captured, arrested, and imprisoned Toussaint. He died shortly after he was imprisoned, and the people in Haiti were so upset that they fought the French again and drove them out of the island. They later renamed the island Haiti.

Toussaint's original name was Francois Dominique.

Toussaint's nickname meant "opening" because he seemed to find openings in the defenses of his enemies.

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