Ecosystem Portfolio

Desert Ecosystem

Biotic Factor

1. Elf Owl

2. Kangaroo Rat

3. Teavertoil Cactus

4. Red Tailed Hawk

5. Road Runner

Abiotic Factor

1. Air

2. Dirt

3. Water

4. Mountains

5. Sand

Carrying Capacity

Carrying Capacity- limit of how many individual organisms an ecosystem can support.

The Red Tail Hawk need shelter, water, sun light, space, and food to survive, but if they're none of them they will die out.

Limiting Factors

1. A Road Runner have a number that the population that the ecosystem can hold on.

2. A Coyote can lower the population of the Road Runner.

Energy Roles

1. Producers- A organisms that can make its own food.

A Yucca is a example of a producers.

2. Herbivores- A organisms that only eat plants

A Cactur Mouse is an example of a herbivores.

3. Omnivores can eat both plant and animal.

A Chuckwalla is a example of a omnivore.

4. Carnivores only eat meat.

A Red Tail Hawk is an example of carnivore.

5. Decomposers decompes dead animal or plant.

An example of a decomposer is an Eath Worm.

6. A scavenger only eat meat that's all ready dead.

An example of a scavenger is a Turkey Vulture.

Food Chains

Food chains are the energy every animal get, but food web are the diffrent animal that get eaten by other animsl.

If the plants are gone then none of the other animal will survive.

Trophic Levels and Energy Pyramid

The shape is how much energy is going to every organisms.

Producer are on the bottom, because they get more energy form the sun.


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