Muslim Empire

Muslim Empire spread out of Mecca, East to India, West across North Africa and on into Spain

Reasons for Growth:

  • Miltary conquest- great fighters becasue their believe was if you died in a holy war, you would go directly to heaven and they treated their captured fairly
  • trade
  • The Battle of Tours in 732 A.D. however stopped their growth when French Christians defeated the Muslims in Europe.

Muslim's time of great learning and cultral diffusion known as the golden age, starts at 700 and ends at 900 A.D.

The Muslims spread vastily letting them grow and gather other cultures ideas and taking them and enhancing them with their own, also this spread the religon of Islam. The Muslims contributed to american society by looking into medicine such as writing medical textbooks, doctors having to pass exams in order to practice medicine, and they created hospitals. The Muslims contributed mathematics such as just spreading the Guptas math ideas and they created Algebra and Trigonometry. They contributed astronomy from the Greeks, created astronomical tables, influenced different architecture, banking such as allowing credit and using money.

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