Feeling down sucks, here are some things that'll be sure to cheer you right up!

1. Stop what you're doing, take a deep breathe and light a sweet smelling candle.

2. Purchase a bath bomb from lush, pop one in a warm bath and enjoy!

3. Watch your favorite movie/ listen to your favorite song(s).

4. Invite some friends over and have a girls night.

By the way, Lush bath bombs are super cool fizzy things that you drop in the water and it changes it completely. :-)

I'm thankful for..

The warmth and security of my own room, it's my own private space that no one else can take away fro me. My friends that are always there for me no matter what and keep me laughing until I can't anymore. French fries and pizza, because they're probably the best things on earth! My hedgehog, Chloe. Football and the Minnesota Vikings because they're the best team ever. And my boyfriend, because he's the best I could ever ask for ❤️

My princess!