Westhill Consulting Clinical Coding

Westhill Consulting Clinical Coding: What does Tribal do?

Tribal is a global provider of software products and services to the international education, training and learning markets. Working as one, we focus on helping our customers to deliver excellence.

What we do:

§ We are the number one provider of student management systems to Higher Education, Further Education and training providers in the UK, with a growing international presence.

§ We are the number one provider of college, school and Early Years inspections in the UK, on behalf of Ofsted.

§ Through i-graduate, we provide evidence-based information on education experience and outcomes across the Higher Education, Further Education and schools markets, working with over 1200 education institutions in 24 countries.

§ We are the number two provider of Children’s Management systems to Local Government in the UK.

§ We are implementing technology to support one of the world’s largest educational change programmes in New South Wales, Australia.


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