The Waxhaw Tribe

The Waxhaw tribe is a tribe that has many traditions. the Waxhaw tribe was in the Yamasee War. it  was a conflict between British settlers and the native Americans such as the Waxhaw, Pee Dee, Cherokee and more!!! the had special ceremonial houses and ceremonial dances. On of their traditions is to flatten their children's faces with a board. (if you were wondering it does not hurt,they don't even notice it). they wore feathers and animal skin.There house is made out of:wood, bark, dirt, and bull-grass. The Waxhaw tribe drove in wooden wagons. The 7th president named Andrew Jackson was in the Waxhaw tribe because he was born is South Carolina.  They were connected with the Surgeree tribe and both of them were related to the Catwaba tribe and therefore were Sioun. If you look at the top of the page you can see that their clothes are robes and have crown type things with feathers on it. Most of the Waxhaw's were dead by diseases or they went into diffrent tribes.The Waxhaw  native American tribe  is really tall. The Waxhaw tribe traded food and leather with Europeans axes and picaxes. The Waxhaw tribe is also called Flathead's.


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