Whale Shark For SALE

Fully Grown, Female - 1.7 Million EACH( 2 available Female and Male)

Tiny(male, bottom) & SMALLS(female,top)

Tiny & Smalls are well behaved , are trained, make sure to feed them

regularly, eats things such as algae ,plankton,krill, Christmas Island red crab.

Weights: Tiny- 25 metric tons Smalls- 23 metric tons

Whale Sharks are very gentle but people need to know that they ARE WILD ANIMALS.

They are the largest existing fish,and are found in warm tropical oceans. They live up to be 70 years old.

How Old are Tiny & Smalls?: They are both 50 years old.

Condition: Healthy, has had testing done, very good shape.

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