Used to

*I used to come at 7:55 to the classroom.

*I used to play futbol with my friends.

*I used to drink beer in weekends.

Getting Used to

*I'm Getting Used to go to eat on weekends with my girlfriend.

*I'm Getting Used to come early to english class.

*I'm Getting Used to go to the park with my friends to play soccer.


*I would like to go to bed and sleep all day.

*I would like to go to México city and visit the Azteca stadium.


*I could sing in the same way system of a down.

*I could sleep all day.


*I should take a free time.

*I should study more english.


*I might go to the gym, but i don't have time.

*I might go to my house, but I do class.


*I must do a page web for the mario class.

*I must finish the video for the english class.

Simple Fact

*I like watch tv sometime.

*I don't like go to CAI class, is very boring.

Attitude about someone else's habit

*My mother always asking me if i have many homework.

*My sister always bothers me.

Sameone's typical behaivor

*My dad works from 8:00 to 18:00 every week.

*My mother make the food from monday to friday, We buy food on weekends.

Past with used to + infinitive

*I used to go to the park. Now i don't have time

*I used to play fifa with my friends. Now i don't have XBox.

*I used to go to beach. Now I don't have vacation

Modals with certain or possible

*I must pass all materials.

*I might deliver my homework another day.

*They could come later to my house.

Have + Past Participle

*I have run every week.

*She have arrived late for class.

*I have completed the homewoork


*Firstly I need to run.


*Finally I will go to my house.


*Basically I finished my web site in two weeks.

Another Thing

Another very important Thing is the study.

As Far As

As Far As I finish my homework, you can play videogames


*I Suppose this dog is ugly


*Anyway I don't sleep

Methaphors and idioms with : hands, heart, legs, head

* Can you give me a hand with my homework? I have much of it!

*Me and my friend had a heart-to-heart talk.

*Since I was a child I have always had a very good head for school.

* It's my turn to dance.

* Break a leg.

Synonymus of: concerned, describe, loathed, buddies, unfortune

* Concerned: interested, subjected.

* Describe: characterize, classify.

* Loathed: hated, detested.

* Buddies: mate, sidekick.

* Unfortunate: luckless, unhappy.

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