Manifest Destiny Unite!

Annexation of Texas

  • The annexation led quickly to war with Mexico in 1846, which ended with control of the American Southwest and California in the Treaty of Guadalupe in 1848.
  • It increased cotton production- as it was a slave state- which supplied the US with more money.

The Oregon Question

  • Acquiring the Oregon territory would greatly increase the size of the nation, and make room for the rapidly increasing population.
  • it would help open up the much needed water route to the Pacific Ocean

Mexican-American War

  • United States suffered from two economic depressions, which drove people to seek living in frontier areas since frontier land was inexpensive/free.
  • expansion into frontier areas provided new opportunities for commerce and individual improvement, which promoted economical growth.
  • driven by economical, social and political pressures to expand U.S territories

Religious people argued for Manifest Destiny,as they believed God's plan was for the US to expand westward.

Others who supported this idea were southern Democrats and some Whigs.

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