When Adonis was born, Aphrodite saw him and instantly fell in love with him. She decided he would be hers and asked Persephone to take care of him for her. She too then fell in love with him and would not give him back even when Aphrodite came to the underworld. Neither woman would give up so Zeus had to settle the quarrel. He decided that Adonis would fall and winter with Persephone and summer and spring with Aphrodite. Adonis loved to hunt and Aphrodite would often follow him dressed as a huntress. One day she was not with him and he stumbled upon a wild boar. Adonis and his hunting dogs were able to would the boar but he was not able to escape the rage of the boar as it rushed at him. Aphrodite heard the cry and rushed to him but was too late. She kissed him but he did not know that nor could he hear the sweet words of love she whispered to him. He died in her arms and did not see the red flowers that bloomed wherever his blood hit the ground because he was trapped in the underworld.

Moral lesson: Don’t be jealous and be grateful for what you have and don’t desire something other people have

Explanation: Aphrodite and Persephone were jealous over Adonis

Connections: Adonis belt is one of the connections used today in modern times, and Adonis portal which is a business computer system

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