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Medieval Poem

Rome fell, The church took over.

The Pope kept all the people sober.

The pope claimed papal supremacy and came up with its own remedies.

He excommunicated one that were against him.

The art was really a big part.

Tall ceilings had lots of space for the Christians feelings.

Churches were built with stones that made the buildings resemble domes.

The roof tops were pointed with crosses.

Pope was the top guy firing all the other bosses.

That’s why he was the guy to go to

He always had an answer because God always solved the issue

The people better follow what the pope says to stay in the town.

JOIN!!!!!  THERE WILL BE FIGHTING TO THE DEATH! DO YOU DARE TO JOIN THE WAR? The crusades were a series of military expeditions promoted by the papacy during the Middle Ages, initially aimed at taking the Holy Land for Christendom. The concept of a crusade was developed in the eleventh century partially as a result of organized Christian forces fighting Muslims in Sicily and Spain.

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